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Alfred Hitchcock: What Makes a Good Movie!?

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.

Alfred Hitchcock

And we can add that if you also see it with the right person, then you might become a film addicted! But, after all, what makes a good movie? Of course, the answer can only be subjective, no matter what we do, movies concern everybody’s taste. But yet, we have to find some characteristics which are generally valid. Here there is a list of some key points that can assure we stand in front of a good movie.

  • The Plot: Action is everything! Even if the film is a romantic or a spiritual one, in order to have a interesting movie, we have to generate a good plot, one that makes the public think.
  • The Entertainment Value: We have to laugh, or cry or have a strong feeling of any nature. A good movie doesn’t steal your time, it gives you feelings, information, relaxation.
  • The Dialogue: Smart lines keeps the public interested in what the movie is about. There are always people willing to even learn the lines and use them in their current life.
  • The Credibility: A good movie is one that makes you believe the action. Are they aliens among us? A good movie can make you believe they are!
  • The Subtlety: We like to believe we are smart people. So give us smart movies, let us reflect and develop our psychological skills.
    And yes, of course, the sexy actors, they really keep our interest alive!
    Now, if you want to see some movies, in order to mix the key points above, why don’t you try some of Alfred Hitchock work, such as: ‘Rebecca’, ‘Suspicion’,  ‘Lifeboat’ or ‘Psycho’.

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