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Christopher Atkins: Stars Need Publicity!

Hollywood wants press, any kind of press.

Christopher Atkins

Although stars from Hollywood made a habit of complaining about the bad publicity the press is making for them, they want press. And yes, any kind of press is good. As long as you are on the front page of a tabloid, who cares if you are there for a new film you’ve made or for how much you’ve been cheated on your husband? The ugly side of fame is the agony! When people forget about you, the pain of not being a loved person is too big so you need to come in front and make yourself seen. In this kind of moments even a bad press can help. Sex tapes over the Internet! This is a bad press which makes celebrities out of normal people. Not to mention how helpful a good press is! A nice word here and there gives you self-trust and makes you look special in the others’ eyes.

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