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Hugh Laurie Was Gerard Butler Before Using L’Oreal!

My name is Gerard Butler, and this is how I look before I’ve applied L’Oreal’s skincare for men

Hugh Laurie

It’s funny and if it isn’t, it still is because Hugh Laurie said it. And everything he says is funny. So you know!

Dr. House is the new face for L’Oreal Men (great!) and he did this behind-the-scenes clip where he jokes about how he looked like Gerard Butler before using L’Oreal. Funny I say!
On the other hand, Hugh doesn’t really seem like the perfect face for L’Oreal, not in the Gerard kind of way. But maybe L’Oreal wanted something less self-centred and more real. I was about to say “human”, but I still want to see Hugh as a sexy alien sometimes.

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