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Jeff Bridges About Love Again

You just have to be in love. He’s your guy. You’re his girl

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston

I could hear Jeff Bridges talking about love over and over again. It’s like he’s telling me all those things.
“You just have to be in love. He’s your guy. You’re his girl. You need to be best friends and really think of each other as the other half and take advantage of that fact. You need to love each other and share your feelings. Give each other what you want to be given including space to be with your own person. Also, don’t try to mold each other into someone else. That goes for the men, too. Don’t try to change the ladies. Oh, I have one more bit of marital advice. Lots and lots of good love making”, he said.
Jeff has been married to his wife Susan Geston for 34 years. I guess I have no chance!

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