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John Cusack: “Hitler was so modern!”

Hitler was so modern, in that he was obsessed with being famous. He was caught up with this rush to be have achieved greatness before turning 30.

John Cusack

We saw Hitler as a bad man because back then he was one of not many people who wanted fame more than anything. He was something else, a new prototype of fame obsession. But now he would not be that different! There are so many people who want to lead, in any way they can, that Hitler would look just like any of these people. In this modern society if you have reached 30 without having everything that a person would have had in the 19th century at 60 years old, you are a loser. Teens started believe themselves as leaders starting kinder garden. Then what? You have 30 years old, you feel the best, in a world where everybody is the best, so nobody ever works. This nis the moment when you start taking drugs. Why? Because you need for more! And every day more! Your life doesn’t stop the day you are 30 and feeling the best, your body needs to be challenged, it asks for action. But there is nothing more to do for you. So you find that substitute: drugs, violence, suicide! Those are the expression of self – sufficiency! And Hitler had a lot of that!

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