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Katie Holmes: Suri Wears Ballroom Dancing Shoes (With High Heels)!

They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them.

Suri Cruise

Finally Katie Holmes responds to accusation about her 3 years old daughter Suri wearing high heels shoes inappropriate for her age. And as you can see, the actress says they are “ballroom dancing shoes”. We didn’t know 3 years old girls take dancing class, but if they do, good for them. What is weird, if they are “ballroom shoes” why does she wear them outside? As for, “she loves them”, children most probably love to eat nothing but chocolate, drink nothing but too syrupy drinks and so on, but that doesn’t mean their parents should let them do no matter what they chose to do. Actually, Katie was the one saying recently that Tom is spoiling Suri too much. What about her?

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