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Matt Damon, Between Fake and Real!

It’s better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.

Matt Damon

Is it? We actually think that a “fake somebody” is less than a “real nobody”. But let’s prove it logically! If everybody thinks that somebody is more than nobody and if being true is more than being false, then we have only two questions to ask ourselves.

  • Is it better to be true than to be somebody? or
  • Is it better to be fake (false) than to be nobody?

And the answer to these questions is a matter of choice! What do we treasure more: the truth or being somebody!

It is quiet obvious that choosing the truth is not always the easiest way to go, but if honor is your main rule, than this way may look like a easy way to you. Otherwise, you can be somebody while nobody knows the truth about you, not even you.

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