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Mel Gibson Tells Beautiful Lies!

Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I’m paid to tell elaborate lies.

Mel Gibson

Actually, no matter how much this is against what we want to believe, Mel is right. Acting is a lie. Well, sometimes life is a lie too. Or, let’s say life is sometimes about pretending. And that is why we love movies so much: they help us when the reality overwhelms us. So, logically we ask for it! Anyway, as music is the art of singing well, acting is “the art of lying well”. No wonder couples between actors have such troubled lives. They feel life is a stage and go on mixing things. But we can admit Mel Gibson is fair admitting he tells “elaborate lies”. He is like all those people who found out that the perfect way to lie better is to admit you lie. Then the others oddly think you are saying the truth. This is the new method and it works because the one you lie to and who’s ready to react to your fraud, remains speechless. Your so called honesty forbids him to get angry, you can not be angry on a honest people. So this is what they teach you in art school: tell beautiful lies!

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