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Michelle Duggar Overpopulation Is a Myth

The entire population of the world could fit in Jacksonville

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar

 Michelle Duggar overpopulation doesn’t exist. We could add that her nonsenses are so many, they could never “fit in the city limits of”  being reasonable.

The mother of 19 gave an interview in which she was asked if she was concerned about overpopulation and her family’s impact on the environment. In her attempt to defend her family, Michelle said that everyone in the whole world can fit in Jacksonville, Florida.

“The idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the entire population of the world, if they were stood shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville”, she said.

But wait,  overpopulation doesn’t actually exist and Michelle is right. According to a test made by, with the help of wiki answer, “if you fit three people per square meter you could stick all the people in the world in a space of 2,280 square kilometers [adjusted for current population, which may be underestimated], or 880 square miles. Jacksonville is 874.3 miles, so maybe with some additional trampling you could shove the whole world up in there”. See? She was right.

Now imagine yourself living shoulder to shoulder with unknown people who barely shower, because, you know, when you’re glued to the person next to you, you can’t go to the shower.

Anyway, the nice message in her interview was about her family buying things that other people discard. Then she quoted Mother Teresa as saying “to say that there are too many children is to say that there are too many flowers”. Fine, that’s also true. But we still believe we should better turn the people we already have into good people instead of giving birth to new people.

We also don’t agree with the overpopulation issue. Michelle is right: there are  countries where the death rates outnumber the birth rates, but there are more countries with overpopulation .

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