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Rielle Hunter Still Loves John Edwards

I’m still in love with John

Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter loves John Edwards

When a woman has an affair with a married man it’s all about being either selfish, either turning into a saver. In Rielle Hunter‘s case, she was just selfish. She didn’t care about John Edwards’ familial situation (his wife Elizabeth who was suffering from cancer, and who subsequently died). She just took advantage and acted like a selfish person.

Rielle, who has a 4-year-old daughter Quinn with John, is currently promoting her new memoir, ‘What Really Happened’. While she does it, Rielle tries to convince people that John and Elizabeth’s relationship was already broken and John wasn’t sleeping with Elizabeth. Such an old cliche! Also she added that she felt sorry for Elizabeth who knew about her husband’s affair. Cruel!

Oh, and she is still in love with John. Of course, she is. You can’t say you have been so cruel for money. It’s sounds better if you say you did it for love.

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