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Rihanna Wants to Spank Britney Spears!

I want to spank Britney [Spears]


That’s what Rihanna confessed about Britney Spears during an interview with New York’s Z100 Monday morning.

“It’s very strange. Britney never does features. It was really amazing that she really wanted to be part of this song. She really liked the song to begin with, but it was a different story when she had to sing it, and she really wanted to be a part of it. It made it really, really special, because you never see two pop female artists doing songs together anymore”, Rihanna, who’s also going to team up with Britney for an ‘S&M’ remix, said.
“In order to do a remix, it had to be major. I asked my fans last week who they wanted me to collaborate with, and Britney was one of the most popular names”, the singer revealed how she came up with the idea of collaborating with Britney.

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