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Scott Bakula: Matching People Express Both Their Masculine and Feminine Sides!

Ideally, people find mates with whom they can express both their masculine and feminine sides.

Scott Bakula

Have you already noticed that men are attracted to women who have the same personality characteristics as they do? If you did, then you probably agree with what Scott Bakula says. And he is not far from the truth. According to many scientific and psychological researches, we tend to get attracted with the people who are our type. If a poetical man falls in love, he will most probably do it with a poetical woman. That is because inside every person both the masculine and the feminine sides stick together. So naturally a man will always try to fill his feminine part of his personality with an outside woman that matches with his feminine inside. In the same time, if our partner is the right one, we are very easily able to leave our inside nature to go out, to be expressed. For example, a tough man, will never be ashamed to show his partner the loving part inside of him. So both masculine (being tough) and feminine (being a loving person) sides can be showed if the right person stands next to us.

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